Saturday, July 4, 2009

On this Independence Day

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I visited a site called where I reread a the following post

Intend the Return of Laura Ling and Euna Lee |

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I don't celebrate in the way that many others do with alcohol over-eating and lots of noise. I tend to count my many blessings and enjoy time with loved ones. Today I spent time with my grand babies and laughed. Our day was centered towards each other and not food etc. Sounds boring to many but I appreciate these times very much. There have been countless times where I longed for "boredom".

I think of all the heart ache in the world and all the things that need change. I think of what we have the power to do and what we most certainly are ignorant to. I struggle with knowing the truth and exploitation. It's hard to even know what to repost some times as I don't want just some gory picture without some action taken. I usually decide to go with truth and hope that people act upon it even it's just to say a prayer or two. I'm thinking of Neda
and want to include her beautiful life pictures as well as that final famous photo. It haunts me but I feel we should be aware no matter how much we cringe.

There has been a lot in the news on Michael Jackson. He was a great entertainer. This video of his stands out for me.

And of course Farrah took a page of my Art Diary.
My thoughts on this date..

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I painted this as the eagle crying so much it is blood. But not to represent just sorrow but perhaps vitality as it spreads thru the waters. Perhaps it is nurturing. Blood can represent hope and will just perhaps. The waters are carrying it further than he is flying. :-) For all not just one.

My wish is for all to be safe. Life is precious and there is nothing more valuable. May no ones life or message of peace be in vain.

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