Friday, March 30, 2007


I'm so excited about this blog. I've had a few blogs that just seem to wander off topic and interchange with one another in confusing ways. Somehow, it doesn't seem possible to wander off this topic here; seeing as it's about living, creativity, and health.

Spring is the perfect time to start new projects and work on ourselves as we help others. For me, after a year of drinking coffee and sitting at the desk, any exercise now is better than what I had been doing. We broke out the old Taebo Tapes for fun (and a good start). It works--I can feel it . My child is getting the newest one to go along with our bike rides and walks.
The best way to begin, especially after a long bout of --well.......sitting, is to start off slow. Anything more than the day before is a grand improvement. You certainly don't want to be so sore the next few days that you abandon your new program.
What works for me is Sunlight and yard work to get me motivated. It's something about the idea that you are accomplishing something besides just fitness (which is a lot). You can work at you're own pace while getting some fresh air and breaking a sweat. I always try to exaggerate my movements also; reach just a little further and higher, pull and throw a little harder-etc.
The key thing is to just keep moving. Add more as you go. And remember to forgive yourself if you skip a workout. We sometimes feel like we have failed, thus giving up, deeming it "too late now anyways". Allow yourself to be human. Just consider that little set back "Part" of your plan instead of a "Mess up" and you'll be less apt to fall out of your new routine.

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