Friday, March 30, 2007

____________Some Good Deals______________

The boy's got to show off the new Snapper! 6.5 horsepower...........

Camping World

The Guild, Inc.

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Billiam said...

I smile too when I get a shiny new toy with a motor. I'll bet he won't be smiling in August when he's pushing it!!

NyOkieSue2005 said...

He was modeling it for me! I will be the one pushing my new toy lol! I went thru torture getting that Snapper too-my car was down and had to bribe a ride to go get it.......It's the no bologna version of Snapper--I told them "I don't want it to do tricks, I just want a tough,powerful mower." It's the first mulcher I've had that actually mulches.(To dust if you stay in one spot for a sec) It's hard to find a reasonable mower with side discharge now a days.

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