Sunday, November 2, 2014


I haven't updated in awhile as I've been busy doing nothing and going no where it seems like. When I was 1300 miles away from home finishing up my deceased father's affairs etc, my birth mom called. It was all a mistake. Our "reunion" was no such thing. The DNA was wrong she stated. After 13 years. My search continues. It seems the director of VS in NY told her that "Although I can't release any info to you, I can assure you without a doubt that she (me) is definitely NOT your biological daughter. He said this based on files. Paper work. So she sent in her info to the NY state adoption registry for Birth mothers. I guess she hadn't done that. I don't know what prompted this but I was told her cousin or niece in her natural family that she has known all her life is a DNA expert. Too bad she didn't tell us this a long time ago. Sure enough I tracked down the company we used and it was only a "peace of mind" test with hardly any markers for "qualifying" relatives. Basically we are a match but no more than 1000's of others would be. Great. We just read 100% motherhood confirmation and called it a celebration! So now, after believing everything was bogus she feels that non id info must be correct. I wonder if may someone else was found? It would really help if she told me. I could at least be happy for someone.

Well, I know it can't be. Parts might be, but who has what parts and when? Meaning, I'm going by this info again as I have nothing else but I have been registered from the start and all contact info has been updated over the years (and recently for sure). I'm an orphan again. And again. I'm ISO of my four older siblings in NY. Born between 1948-1965 plus whatever younger siblings I could possibly have thru unknown birth father. Upstate NY. Onondaga county for me but who knows for them? Birth mother died in 1967 of sepsis(blood poisoning, septicemia). They reassigned these causes of deaths also after her death so I'm not sure if that would still be her cause of death listed. It may state whatever caused her sepsis such as strep throat or motorcycle accident/other injury. I have no way of knowing what info my older siblings would have been given if they even know of her death or maybe they know birth dad. Maybe an aunt took them therefore they aren't adopted and have their birth names etc. Soooo I'm doing the real DNA thing. FTDNA. Hopefully I find something out. Maybe the dreams I had of a foster family or another adoption in my early years is actually of my birth family. Maybe there was a tragedy and I was the only one left in the heap. Maybe no one group up to give me any cousins to match with. NY state has messed me out of info for long enough that my mother's family would surely be all gone. She lived 1933-1967 and was already 32 when I was born so unless her people were really young when they started their families there isn't much hope there. And seeing as no grandparent Aunt or her Sibling took me then well.... No extended family means no one too write an obit. or bury one. IF any of this is true. That is where DNA comes in. The registries are not working as their doesn't seem to be mutual searchers.

There are so many of searching but how much of our info is correct? We may be in the same groups likeing sharing and chatting and not even know we are family

I've noticed on Family Trees that sometimes you see So N So (adopted child) Sometimes. Sometimes they don't feel they have a place in their trees. I've yet to see So N So (adopted out). . I have noticed a few adults listed as a spouse who was born out of wedlock or adopted and family unknown though. Some people still treat you like a dirty little secret with no place on their tree. These people don't seek the truth of origins or family. You are snapped off the branches of some trees for not being blood and off of other trees for being bad blood (a mistake/secret). There doesn't even seem to be foot note on those secret births. Baby So N So or Baby Unknown..Anything. 

That would be an interesting idea though. Surname Unknown family tree. Just enter yourself with what info you got. After all, we all have the same surname Unknown. We are a very important family. 

I've sent separate kits out to my once reunited birth parents. If we match again anonomously through a Huge pool of "inappropriat testers" then we'll know. Truth is all I want. 

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