Sunday, April 15, 2007

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I've been trying, once again, after all these years I've spent studying and observing, to put together a collection of work. Over the years, I have never sold any of them. I gave them as gifts (which I like to do) and even had two portfolio's stolen(which takes me years to start again).

I've noticed there are many different support systems in place now-a-days, for the starting artist as well as the established. Tons of good forums with info!
One of the things I've learned recently is what an ACEO is. I had no clue that when I used to fill my friends wallets with my art, that is what those little pics were! An artist here on blogger has some on eBay and was not selfish with the info on what they were. For that I thank her.


If you would like to show off your work, talk about your art, or ask any questions, please comment to this post leaving a link to your site if you like. Within your comment leave a tip or useful hint for us --a short paragraph like this one is fine. Be sure to sign it with the name you want (posted by).
I will then copy and paste your comment as a post on this blog--include your link and what name you provided and delete the comment.
Then others can comment and so on.

Or just simply leave a link to your favorite informative group,forum,blog or site. If it is informative I'll gladly include it.

Don't forget about the old days of


Earth day (April 22nd) and I think it is one of many good projects in honor of that day. It supports recycling.

It's inexpensive and easy. Remember you don't have to make piñata you can paint it and make vases, bowls, pencil holders, centerpieces, amongst many things. The thicker you make it the stronger it is; and the longer it takes to dry. You don't need to start with balloons either. Cardboard or any paper product is great. You can even make your own picture frames with it.
I use flour, water, and Glue-all in mine. I mix it until its pretty thick. It varies. The fun part is to make it so smooth everyone thinks its clay-porcelain or glass!

Any good unique recycling ideas? Please share!

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