Friday, June 8, 2007

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Heres to All of Us!

We're growing fast and we're full of facts, opinions, ideas and concepts.

Most of all we're full of people in search of tips that only YOU can provide.

Great way to chit chat and meet new people. Come join us! We are listed

under advice so you can navigate easily back and forth with yahoo

answers. We are looking forward to meeting you and have a spot reserved

for you at our forum. Help us celebrate the first day of the rest of our


Click here to join Herez2us
Click to join Herez2us

This group is dedicated to members of the human race and all that we

know, have, give, do, feel, think, wonder about and love.

I just took action to end the brutal slaughter of Alaska's wolves through

aerial gunning at, and I hope you'll join me.

More than 150 wolves have already been shot dead under the state's brutal

aerial gunning program so far this year. The Alaska Board of Game allows

marksmen shoot wolves from aircraft, or use low-flying airplanes to chase

the wolves, run the helpless creatures to exhaustion, then gun them down

at point-blank range once they're too tired to run any further.

So far, the Bush administration has refused to use its power to stop the

slaughter of these magnificent animals.

We must stop the slaughter of Alaska's wolves. Help me protect these

magnificent creatures by clicking the link below to send a free message to

President Bush and Interior Secretary Kempthorne urging them to enforce

the Federal Airborne Hunting Act before it's too late for Alaska's wolves.

Please go to to take action now.

Then forward this message to your friends and family and ask them to join


Thanks for helping to protect our precious wolves.

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