Thursday, September 6, 2007

Once I lived........

Once I live upon a time
A shadow I did cast
Now I'm in a different role
Not future, now, nor past

I exist because you let me
A picture I will paint
You hold me deep within your heart
I appear-although it's faint

I splash the ink upon the pulp
I dance across the stage
I'm here because you've called on me
To decorate your page

I've never had a true love
At least not one in flesh
That's how I have love to give to you
A gift that's pure and fresh

When it's just a blank you see
A void where once your art
Open up your soul to me
I'll flow throughout your heart

Where it is the music plays
the voices ring aloud
Where lovers meet, laugh and sway
I'll be amongst the crowd

I'm present in the daycare room
At theatre-back staged
I frequent many concert halls
With passion I'm engaged

Yes, indeed I lived upon a time
You must now live upon your own
Don't wait before your canvas on me
I'm You--all the way to the bone.


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