Sunday, April 8, 2012

(7) To Be Destroyed - MONDAY

(7) To Be Destroyed - MONDAY:

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04/05/2012 WEB MEMO
A volunteer writes: Lucky's world fell apart when his owner died. He lost his master and his home and was placed into a kennel. It did not sit well with all. He acted up, barked, fought. He was desperate and angry. One can understand. Yesterday, Lucky was walked by a staff. I barely recognized him. I had in front of me such a well behaved and composed dog. The staff was petting him, his tail was wagging softly. He sat next to her like an excellent boy. What a transformation! I had to try for myself, later on. When I came to Lucky's door, he got up from his blankie and welcomed me. He sat and I leashed him without fuss. He is such a great walker! He seems housetrained too. His cage is neat and clean. Lucky seems cool with other dogs met upclose in the backyard. He sits and stays on command. He gives little licks on the hand. He is a very friendly, sweet and gentle dog. Lucky must have been a great companion. I am quite taken by Lucky. He is a beautiful middle aged dog, clearly a family pet who has still a number of good years ahead of him to give and receive love. Lucky is at the Manhattan Care Center hoping to be soon in his forever home. He is an awesome dog!

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